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What is it like to work in the Creative Media Industry?

Are you interested in working in the creative media industry? It doesn’t mean you have to create content!
Working in the creative media industry

Working in the Creative Media Industry

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Albert Einstein

It sounds like a dream to some and like absolute horror to others – the creative media industry. While I am biased and would say working at Framefire the best job in the world, there are surely things one doesn’t think about before diving into the job.

Are you curious to find out the Pros and Cons? Then let’s get started!

There is so much variety!

Starting off with the job-descriptions themselves: If you are interested in working in the creative media industry, it doesn’t mean you have to create content. You can build websites, manage projects or financial accounts. It is totally up to you, as long as you are interested in the dynamics of an agency and its clients.

The variety of clients is another exciting factor. Since everybody can benefit from advertising, virtually everybody can come knock on your door and ask you to create a project that properly reflects the company. Styles, moods, paces, colours.. They all matter for an appealing project. Due to so many different challenges, you will find that you never stop learning. 

Where there is good, there also is the not so good..

There is no awesome job in this world which doesn’t also have a darker side to it.

In the creative media industry there is always a lot to do. So much so, you will probably find yourself working overtime certain days. 

It’s fine”, you will think. “I love what I’m doing” – which might be true for the bigger part of it all! But there is always that one project you really don’t like for some reason, yet it still has to be done. 

Let’s not forget the “writer’s block”, which doesn’t just happen to writers! Being a creator and forcing creativity out of your brain cells has never worked. Especially on projects the deadline is so close, you can feel it poking you. On those days, it helps to have a walk in nature, breathe a bit and sit back down after a bit of release. Finding a way to balance is crucial in order to keep ideas flowing.

There is no right or wrong way!

We are all individual human beings. So it is only natural that the creative media industries offer many different types of agencies, you can find your way into.

Some employers are more traditional, some are more loose in the way they work. Don’t get discouraged, because your job didn’t work out with one specific agency. Depending on your personal preference, you might have to try several places before you find your perfect fit – just like with any other job.

If you would like to be more independent, there are a great number of opportunities for you to work as a creative freelancer!