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Smaller agencies will cost you less for a better outcome

Times are a-changing for big agencies

Why smaller agencies will cost you less for a better outcome

Big teams aren’t conducive to revolutionary products, because such products require a high degree of single-mindedness, unity and unreasonable passion

Guy Kawasaki

Big budget or not, what really do you need to gain publicity for your service or product? Right, somebody that understands and shares the most minute vision you’ve been creating in your mind.

A personal relationship in times of digital culture!

That doesn’t mean you have to personally have a face-to-face meeting – let’s be honest, COVID-19 has put a spoke in our wheel anyway – but merely to have one person you can exchange ideas with. In smaller agencies, those ideas will travel right to where they need to go, the designer. No big hierarchies will dilute any information between the project manager, chief of department, to the designer and (if you’re extremely unlucky) the apprentice. The chance of creating a misunderstanding is hugely decreased, time is saved, thus is money.

Big agencies tend to be less personal and more revenue ridden. A side effect is a high employee turnover rate, which leads to a lack of consistency in projects. Small agencies choose their team by a shared vision and not to solely fill an open position.

Smaller agencies are more productive!

Now, you might ask yourself why a smaller agency is supposed to be more efficient when it’s less people working? A smaller number of employees has tremendous benefits. Firstly, a project can only really have one person working on one design at a time. It is a waste of resources and labor to deploy several people to one project. It will show in the invoice!

Rather than having many employees, small and broadly skilled teams rather hire external experts to assemble a dynamic team, always built for your individual project.

Further, small agencies are a lot more flexible to upcoming changes of concept or style. Again, the close partnership helps to increase their action time and implement changes almost immediately, instead of waiting for approvals from the top.

Flexibility is also shown in the way that all offered services are tailored to your business. Unlike big agencies with a preset plan, small teams offer unique solutions to your problems – they do real out of the box thinking! Why? Because small teams give all of their effort for each individual project.

A smaller team feels greater responsibility than a big group of assigned employees. That is in fact scientifically proven by the Ringlemann Effect. A big group feels less motivated as the responsibility is shared amongst many others.

Keep in mind that huge agencies will speculate whether or not projects are financially relevant and exciting enough to use their senior developers and designers. Otherwise the task wanders to juniors and apprentices. In smaller agencies projects of any size will be treated with 100% of creativity and effort, always by the same visionaries.

The projects in a small agency are cheaper! – Shocker

And here is the simple reason:

No extra costs for huge office spaces.

No long waiting periods and endless correction loops.

A lot less bureaucracy.

Less employees to care for.

These fixed costs don’t arise and that again reflects on your bill!

It’s easier for a small agency to give a client a fixed scope of costs and determine a budget that shouldn’t be exceeded, instead of running on an hourly fee. Through the lack of communication (and often too many cooks to spoil the broth) in bigger agencies, the chance of running over schedule is a lot higher.

Small, but oh my!

Did we convince you by now? Small agencies outrun big agencies in quality, flexibility, creativity and cost-efficiency. The personal collaboration however is a key factor why a small agency will take care of exactly what your business is looking for. You will work with professionals with large skill sets and an understanding for your vision.

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