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What is important in 2021?

If you're not moving forward, you're simply standing still.
What is important in 2021?

What is important in 2021?

“You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety” – Abraham Maslow

Chance favors only the prepared mind!

But who could have planned for a scenario like a world-wide pandemic? Yes, that’s a valid point, however no matter the emergency, a business should lay out a plan for the “what if-“ scenarios to have groundworks for an emergency management plan before it’s necessary to apply. We have put together a few things to think about for 2021. Knowing what to do, who will be in charge for what and being clear about what’s important for you in 2021, are basic considerations that save a lot of time once an emergency situation occurs. The reaction time is key. It separates the adaptable from the static.

You don’t build a business, you build people!

..and those people build the business.
This is a great quote from Zig Ziglar an American Author and motivational speaker, also featured on TheTransformation.Company.

As much as times are changing, so is the market. Especially in this pandemic we’ve all experienced how some services and products had to close down due to zero demand. Closing down a business and letting go people is terribly painful – so think about how your company can be transformed to deliver services or products that matter in a specific scenario.

Take a small manufacturer producing clothing for sports clubs. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely shut down the demand for jerseys and shorts, but how about making fashionable, reusable masks? Analyze the market and react to what it needs! As mentioned before, those trying times separate the adaptable from the static. Thinking quickly, acting thoughtfully yet rapidly will most likely save your business and your employee’s jobs.

While outsourcing is saving companies some money, especially for manufacturers it’s recommended to try connect to partners closer to you. This is in preparation to an emergency situation and dependency on 3rd parties to supply goods. You minimize the chance of failed delivery.

It is stressful times for everybody, so before you are scaring your remaining employees with letting go staff, try to think creatively to limit expenses via e.g. pay structures.

Welcome the problem with innovative solutions!

The era of digitalization is taking over, but hasn’t been implemented everywhere yet. Now is the time to really use the advantage of our digital age!

During this pandemic we have shifted our focus on the most important aspects: health & family. For a business it’s vital to respect and support their employee’s needs, which is why flexibility at the workplace is key! Digitalization is helping us to study, meet and work remotely. Travel times and resources fall away completely and allow many of us to shift the traditional work pattern of 9-5 to whenever it is convenient – as long as the work is done.

Be open to your staff’s circumstances and speak openly to grow trust.

Your employee’s will be forever thankful knowing that you emphasize with them and/or even offer ways to reduce and manage stress. How, you ask? As said, offer flexible work times, set virtual meetings to openly talk about their (yes) feelings and find individual solutions.

Allow constant feedback to the new ways of working as it will only but improve your company’s future work performance.

You will be fine!

That’s a fact.
No matter the branch you’re working in, we all have to adapt to the changes we’re forced to deal with. Plan ahead, create “what if-“ situations and assign your most trusted staff to definite roles. This way when confronted with an emergency situation, you are quick to act. This is what’s important for 2021 for your business. Take a deep breath, think of your desired result, your strategy to get there and apply your strategy, always keeping in mind the people that make it all possible – your employees.