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Video is the future!

Video allows to form the perception of your brand. Check it out!
Video allows to form the perception of your brand.

Video is the future!

“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story”. Gary Vaynerchuk

What better way to tell a story than through a video?
Next to podcasting, video is the top marketing tool to captivate your audience’s attention. Video is the future! It excites, it engages and it’s a solution to finally reach the generation with an attention span of a goldfish (I say that as a fellow Gen Z).

Elevate your Brand Awareness

Video allows to form the perception of your brand. There are a few scientific facts to that later down this article WHY that is. 

In 2021, we are being flooded with information online. Audiences will most likely only stop at your post, if it appeals to them on a fundamental level. Read more about The Customer Is The Hero Of Their Story to find out how to create your message successfully.

The POWER to change people’s perception

Video creates emotion. It has the power to change people’s perception of a situation with the way it is put together. 

Have you ever heard of the Kuleshov-Effect?
A Soviet filmmaker, Lev Kuleshov, has already demonstrated in the 1910’s how a scene made of two shots derives different meanings, if just the last shot is exchanged with another.
Long story short, a story can synchronize brain patterns, enabling the filmmaker to control what the audience thinks.

This is why the Kuleshov-Effect has been used in many political spots to control the broad masse’s perception of the government, as well as of foreign governments. Video and film can create cultural conversations, or drive nations apart.

Not to mention that this technique also works for your business. You are in charge of how you want your company to be thought about. 

Some facts to consider

The pandemic has obviously driven companies to rely heavily on Webinars and online teaching, which increased video-usage yet again. 

But did you know that (pre-pandemic) the percentage of companies using video for marketing purposes has risen from 63% in 2017 to 87% in 2019

Already, video is making up 82% of ALL consumer internet traffic.
Just look at the huge growth of YouTube in the last 10 years. Social platforms have acknowledged this rapid rise of video as well in incorporating the format into Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. TikTok, one of the most popular apps out there is an all-video app. The future is video.

WHY is Video so effective?

Video is helping us to learn quicker. We humans love visuals. It combines captivating movement with pictures – the perfect mix.

  • 70% of all receptors in our body are located in the eye
  • 50% of our brain is dedicated to our vision
  • We understand visuals way quicker – in about a 10th of a second

BUT: As much as we love visuals, videos are a lot more effective, if it tells a cohesive story opposed to unrelated images.

All these reasons help understand why video is the future.

64% of users have stated they are more likely to buy a product after familiarizing themselves before when watching a video. 

60% of people have been influenced in their purchase by a video on social media. Partly also because videos are super easy to share with friends. People are more likely to watch a video than read an entire article about a product. 

Everybody watches video. Across all demographics, video speaks to us. This is why, since 1910, video is the future.