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Remote customer care in times of limited travel

Use customised solutions instead of a flood of "one-trick-ponies".

Remote customer care in times of limited travel

You can’t just keep doing what works one time, everything around you is changing. To succeed, stay out in front of change.

Sam Walton

As you may have experienced yourself, travelling right now is tough. Apart from the dwelling discomfort about whether or not this headache could be the first symptom of what the world is in fear about, the simple task of taking a business trip is being incredibly limited on many levels.

May it be new travel bans governments set to reintroduced lockdowns in specific regions or innovative rules within the company for the safety of employees. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes going on and it’s even harder to continue life as it was before the pandemic. Especially as non-essential travel is being restricted.

The show must go on!

This leaves you with two options: Either you keep doing what you’re doing or you change your ways – which essentially will only benefit you in the long run. 

As a consequence of safety precautions, big conventions, conferences and festivals had to be cancelled. However, some essential travel is still done. The Global Business Travel Association has polled 1,000 of its members in March throughout the world asking, how companies have been reacting to the crisis.

About 62% of organizations have changed their safety measures for travel and 55% have introduced new approval requirements in order to be allowed for traveling. In cooperation with the WHO, travel teams have to plan the least dangerous routes to limit the chance of infection. Travel bans and restrictions within the current position, as well as the travel destination is another hiccup business-travelers have to face.

In case your work include no essential business-trips, we have collected a few tips that will help you work through the times of limited travel.

Keep the personal from the professional!

That’s not too easy in times of home office and kids frantically running through the house chasing the dog. Obviously, home office does have its perks as well (business on top, casual downstairs) often saving time and offering more productivity instead of long unproductive team meetings. But in order to guarantee the best customer experience, the workflow needs to be structured thoroughly. 

As always: Communication is key! For best communication within the company, download respective software tools to separate information exchange of colleagues from important costumer e-mails. The tool Slack works great for such purposes.

For an overview of tasks try Asana or Trello! With no other way to check whether your assigned tasks are handled well, it quickly shows your employees workload, productivity and deadlines. You can easily assign tasks to the right people – giving them all the information needed through notes, attachments and links. Be sure to be specific about your requirements for the assigned work, as body language and nonverbal hints are missing in this way of working. Rather overexplain than writing too little.

Remote working is harder to get into, when you’re starting out fresh. Think about how your company can ease newbies in, when they don’t have the comfort of just getting up and asking someone. How about a database, that offers all necessary information and provide you with clear answers? That’s a very helpful tool for not just for new employees, but the whole team! 

Super simple ways to enhance your customer service!

For bigger companies we can’t recommend customer support tools enough. But for many, this only extends to a video call now and then, or remote support via email. Of course, there is a lot of free software available to support your needs, but often times, these services either do not fit your individual requirements or you simply drown in the sheer flood of specialised “one-trick-pony” tools you have subscribed for.

Throughout the past year, we have made excellent experience with customised solutions that not only make the experience of remote marketing & support easier for you, but also for your business partners. In close cooperation with our longtime customers, we developed platforms to stay connected virtually through engaging media content.

Video webinars, remote tutorials, live Q&A tools as well as product documentation suited to the needs of getting your message across without real-life personal contact, all embedded in platforms that are easy and intuitive to use, and branded 100% to your company’s corporate identity.

Make your content fit to the new ways of communication

The trick is to not just transfer your existing media content to platforms where they can be accessed through the internet, but to make them fit perfectly for this virtual environment; to avoid misunderstandings and customers feeling “left alone” with marketing & support material that usually would be perceived in the context of a personal, face-to-face relationship with you and your company.

There is nothing romantic or inspirational about this pandemic. But if we like it or not, it will change the way we do business, and the way we communicate. Using opportunities that come from a stronger focus on digital ways of marketing & customer care will help bringing your business back in pole position on this matter.

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