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Digital Storytelling makes your company stand out from the crowd.

Our creative digital media concepts support your business in thriving even during ongoing times of uncertainty and change. By telling your story to your customers through modern multimedia, we stand by your side to excite your customers for your products & services.

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Are you interested in creative, cost-effective solutions for your marketing & customer care?

Within just a few minutes of your valuable time, we can give you an overview about our ideas for you.

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David Liese

Founder of Framefire Digital

My mission is to tell the stories of our clients and help them to increase marketing performance, brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and recruiting success. Creativity, goal-oriented thinking and determination to bring every project to reality are what I learned from my background in independent filmmaking.

These abilities fuel me and my team in pursuing our vision: To provide great companies with marketing and customer communication solutions that work. Suited to specific needs and for every budget.

Meet my team

Annika Fisch
Junior Content Producer

Film & Multimedia Assistance

Anca Todea
Executive Assistant

Accounting, Administration

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6 Apr
What better way to tell a story than through a video? Next to podcasting, video is the top marketing tool to captivate your audience’s attention. Video is the future!
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We bring creative visual storytelling to your business.

Using resources as effectively as possible is key to the success of every business. This is true especially for marketing, advertisement and all kinds of visual communication strategies. However, these areas often require excessive coordination and know-how outside of your everyday business.

This is where we start with our Creative & Media Support.

We create “worry-free packages” for your company. We find the unique story of your company and tell them to your customers. Flexible. Reliable. Professional. Cleverly thought-out and foresightful.


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