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Marketing in the Semiconductor Industry

You have to be on top of mind of the next design engineer, before he even knows what parts to use next.
Marketing in the Semiconductor Industry

Marketing in the Semiconductor Industry

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Peter Drucker

The big guys like Intel or Infineon know how to do it, but especially with small to medium-size supplier or service companies, market communication in the semiconductor industry is often a low-priority discipline. No surprise, as these businesses are almost always founded on technical expertise – clever engineering, profound knowledge of microelectronics and dedication to customer service.

Marketing is often considered as a technique that is “not needed when the product is good”. But to be honest, especially if you are a small company – how should the “big ones” even KNOW how good your product is?

With marketing your content well, you have the chance to stand out of the crowd quickly easily. 

Your goal is to be a thought leader in your industry. You have to be on top of mind of the next design engineer, before he knows what parts to use next.

What content is there to show?

In the process of your daily work environment, there are many interesting topics you can derive from for your content marketing. Take application outlines,  promotions to your next on-/offline event, frequently asked questions or product sheets. Get creative! 

Starting marketing in the Semiconductor Industry will increase your organic traffic and generate new leads.

How to start?

So how do you start your journey into marketing content in the Semiconductor Industry? Yes, brainstorm. Consider what problems players in the industry run into and show how you can solve this problem with your technology. 

First, draw awareness to the often occurring problem. You could maybe create blogs about the topic, put together infographics, edit a video (you can read about the efficiency of video content here), create webinars or start a podcast! Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. How would you like to be made aware of this topic?

Secondly, offer solutions to your problem. Facts talk, so use as many of them as possible. Offer white papers and/or technical sheets to download. Present user cases that might convince the reader further of your technology being the problem solver.

Lastly, make the decision for the buyer! Testimonials speak for themselves. Without having to put too much effort in, you will convert your leads into customers.

On top of that you can create brochures for product lines and offer continuous product support through various channels, such as video-platforms, live chats or FAQ’s.

Are you ready to be a thought leader?

Creating new ideas isn’t always easy – especially if all your time is going into product development and customer support. Do you need help in boosting your leads and increasing your online traffic? Chat with us here. We’re happy to help you stand out in the Semiconductor Industry.