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Indie Films in modern marketing

See how we translate our experience in Indie filmmaking into our content creation and marketing plans!
the indie film scene in modern marketing

Indie Films in modern marketing

“A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later” – Stanley Kubrick

Making an Indie film is probably one of the weirdly most rewarding, yet exhausting things one can undertake. Not just feature films are a lot of work. Even for short films, planning can go on for months and months.

Just like for any project, one needs to develop an idea and get it down on paper properly. It’s about finding the right people with the same drive, as well as love for the project. Shooting, editing and marketing is all up to the creators. Did I mention it’s exhausting? But we love it.

See how we translate our experience in Indie filmmaking into our content creation and marketing plans!

We know how to plan ahead!

But we also know that one or more things we have been carefully planning for all this time will definitely go wrong. There’s no doubt about it.

For every plan, we have a plan B and while we are at it, there’s a plan C as well. You can never be careful enough.

Things that “go wrong” often turn out better than planned anyway. This is just one, but probably one of the most important experiences that Indie films have taught us in modern marketing.

For every project, there is a platform!

Whatever you want to show, there will be the right platform to release it on. Marketing depends on so many variables. Like your target audience, age, origin and social media preference. A marketing plan for a movie, without a big studio putting it on the market, is carefully thought out by the creators. We will find out the best way to get your product to the customer.

No big budget necessary!

Good media products don’t have to cost a lot! We can work with a small budget without having to compromise great on quality. With today’s possibilities of content creation, it is not just up to the elite anymore to make something great and magical. Unlike studio or big agency productions, we have less people on the project, however make up for it with lots of expertise. It’s about creating effortless looking content.

Like Chris LaMay-West appropriately states: “It doesn’t have to cost a lot, except for your heart and soul.