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You want to do Facebook advertising?

Here is everything you need to know.
Facebook advertising is helpful to gain exposure for your company.

You want to do Facebook advertising? Here is everything you need to know!

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

You want to grow the attention around your business? Social Media marketing, more specifically Facebook advertising, can be a great help to expand your reach. However, for a few years now, the organic reach of posts have decreased. You surely have already been suggested to promote posts. Nothing is for free these days and good interaction on your social media is neither.

So get your budget ready and let’s dive into it!

Why is Facebook advertising so popular?

Facebook is smart. Well, the team behind Facebook is.

According to Hootsuite, with monthly 2.74 billion active users, Facebook still grew 12% from September 2019 until now, even though the platform is already 17 years old! It’s straight-forward set-up and easy to use interface make it entertaining to stay in contact with friends and browse through funny videos you can easily share with the people around you.

Between posts, Facebook places ads. Preferably videos, but also pictures and articles are being placed to certain selected target markets of the 2.74 billion monthly active users. Facebook advertising is attractive to many companies because of its reach and fine-tuned UI (user interface).

What do I have to keep in mind before placing an ad?

First of all, contemplate your target market! The location, age bracket(s), interests and jobs define characteristics, Facebook knows about the people you would like to advertise to. After all, users add the information to Facebook themselves. Do you have good content to post? If not, we might know who could help you out. If you do, make sure you use LESS than 20% text in your images. Facebook doesn’t push paid content as much, if there is too much text. A few years ago it wasn’t even approved at all to publish.

You then can go on to choose in what parts of the platform you would like to publish your ads to: Feed, Story, In-Stream, Search, Messenger, In-Article or Apps? Instagram is included in Facebook advertising, as they are (simply said) basically one company.

Important: Facebook automatically recommends to place those ads for you! Don’t do it. You best know where your target market will browse around in. Facebook will otherwise show your content in places nobody will see or care about it. You could as well throw your money out the window.

Inside Facebook advertising..

..you have a few options to choose from, as well as get an overview of your running ads. The cost of Facebook advertising can be kept minimal with just over 1€ a day. Before publishing your ad, you can manually decide how and where your money will be spent. Instead of creating leads to your website, Facebook offers “instant experiences”. If somebody is interested in what you have to offer, they won’t have to click on a button like “shop now” or “get informed”. Through “instant experiences” the costumer is lead on a page pop-up (still inside the Facebook app) where they can browse through the advertised website content. No extra browser window is needed, which many leads jump off from.

In your statistics you will have a total overview of how many people saw your ad, how many clicked on it and whether or not your ad needs work to reach a better performance. For ads with a longer running-time you can exchange the visual content you are advertising your business with once or twice. But make sure it’s not too often. After publishing an add (or re-publishing with new images/videos) Facebook has a so-called “learning period” for about 2 days maximum. Through this learning period, the content gets analyzed whether or not the content is appealing to the target market. Based on the result, you will have to adjust your visual content, target market or ad-text.

Wanna try?

Get your budget ready, have some nice content with little text, compose interesting ad-texts and know your target market. For a minimal budget you can get a lot of exposure. Sure, more money, more exposure, but why not try small at first? Practice makes perfect. In any way it is better than only running organic content, as so many businesses are trying to market themselves. Organic reach is vanishingly low.

You might also want to check out this list of what Facebook prohibits of advertising. Facebook is very strict with following the user guidelines and keeping a clean platform.