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2021 - Marketing on Social Media

How do we go about building a reliable customer-base?
Social Media Marketing 2021

2021 – Marketing on Social Media

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking”. Bernard Baruch

Thanks to a quite memorable year of 2020 (and 2021 so far), most businesses are looking to acquire new customers. To keep in touch, to stay relevant, it is crucial for many to join social media platforms.

But how do we go about building a reliable customer-base? 

Let’s dive into Social Media Marketing in 2021.

Being extraordinary..

has always been the “go-to” solution for new marketers, but isn’t entirely necessary.

What if I told you, you are already extraordinary, if you are listening to your surroundings?

Yes. Social Listening. A word you’ve heard many times in the context of creating content for your channels. And hey, it’s still relevant.

What moves the people around you? What’s going on in the world and how can you positively contribute? Having an answer to these questions, will easily boost your campaign forward like a five-year-old on a sugar-high. 

Guinness has, right at the beginning of the pandemic, released an advertisement for Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March 2020, addressing the current uncertainty of things and encouraging people to stay at home. Next to obviously showing lots of different people, with lots of beer, the message that was coming across was on a much more sentimental level. It is to thank those who protect us and enjoy the company of people who are most dear to us. Finally, Guinness gave $500,000 to the communities in need.

Now, you don’t have to donate huge amounts of money in order to create a good experience for your audience. A year later, nobody wants to see the news about COVID-19. People want to distract themselves and look for entertainment on Social Media. The needs of your audience are constantly changing.

Baby-Boomers are taking over!

Maybe not entirely, but the numbers are growing rapidly, as our colleagues at Hootsuite are suggesting.

When creating our Social Media Marketing Strategy, we are very prone to use media with younger subjects. Marketing these days needs to address the older generation in many more aspects of life, not just advertisements for medication.

Incorporating visuals of more mature individuals will help to make your brand more accessible and relatable. 

Talking about relatability:
Social Media Marketing in 2021 shows a strong trend towards user-generated-content. This means that people prefer purchasing an item that has been recommended by another person, opposed to a brand.

Also, don’t be disheartened if your content doesn’t get hundreds and thousands of shares. Don’t underestimate the power of passive engagement, like range and reactions. 

What platform is best for your brand?

It’s best to be spread across many social media channels, to widen your range of possible interested customers. 

Up until last year, many marketers have chosen Facebook as their most successful social media platform. Following:




Yet, in 2021, marketers shift their attention more onto Instagram and plan on using a bigger portion of their budget there. And what’s up with TikTok? Well, only a small percentage of advertisers use TikTok. Despite it’s big hype around the world, the video app seems to be unattractive for branding content successfully. 

All in all: use your ears!

No matter where or how you market your content, the message is what’s important. Show your audience what values you stand for and how you contribute to make this world a better place. Tell your story, but listen to what your audience wants to hear.

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